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Delivery process:

1. Contact us to confirm that the advertising space is available. 2. Contact us to confirm after payment. 3. Advertise after the payment is confirmed.

+ QQ: 51945202 for purchase of advertising space (please specify: monthly advertising), please see the delivery instructions at the bottom of the page before purchasing!

The gold advertising space in the lower right corner of the whole station is now vacated. It is 2,000 per month.

Home ad space prices

Home Advertising
Ad image size Price (yuan / month)
960 * 50 1000
468 * 60 800
960 * 50 1000
271 * 200 1200
A5 text chain
18 characters per line 600
A6 text chain
28 characters per line 500
960 * 50 900
960 * 50 800

Article content page ad slot price

Article page ad slots
Ad image size Price (yuan / month)
960 * 50 2000
960 * 50 2500

960 * 50

580 * 60 1200
580 * 60 1200
300 * 120 1500
300 * 120 1500
300 * 200 1500
960 * 80 1200

Advertising instructions

Ad placement instructions, please read in detail: (The above prices are the lowest prices, friends who bargain please don't waste time)

1, the above price unit: yuan / month, starting from 1 month (1 month = 30 days)
2. All advertisements must be paid before the advertisements are paid. The advertisements are paid monthly. This site does not deceive and do not pay high prices. The advertisements are not tested, they are not promised how many clicks and effects, and how much profit they can bring you.
3, do not accept LIU lottery, email marketing, placing Trojans and XINGAI passion site ads! No pop-up ads! No plug-in type, bundle type advertisement!
5. Please prepare your own advertising pictures and send them to or QQ.
6, this site is a personal website, advertising is not issued!
7. After the advertising space is rented out, it will not be accepted and cannot be changed to another location!
8. Please pay for the advertisement renewal five days in advance! If you fail to renew in time, this site will have the right to book to other companies!
9. Advertisement pictures must pass our review before they can be delivered (such as file size and picture quality). If the advertisement pictures are in the FLASH format, please do not bring sound effects and mouse over automatic pop-up window effects. The color of the pictures must not change too quickly to avoid Affect viewers' vision!
10. If the advertisement made by the advertiser is false, or if someone reports it as a scammer or a scammer, if the advertiser cannot make a valid reply or explanation, this site has the right to remove the advertisement without giving a refund.
11, the most important one: the existing advertising site has the right to book to other companies or individuals, if you have verbally agreed with this site to place an advertising space, but you did not pay, then we also have the right to book to other companies Or personally! !!

If you have any questions, please contact us!
Advertising Contact QQ: 51945202 Chat live with customer service (7 * 12 hours online)

Last Update: August 2, 2012

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